Our Promise

We are a company of high integrity, scale and reach. Our global reputation is excellent and we have a worldwide network of experts who can work across cultures and timezones to help ensure your personal interests are protected.

We offer an individual and exclusive access point to experienced security and compliance experts, and guarantee tailor-made protection concepts & strategies for your most private concerns, projects and interests.

It is our conviction, that our promise for performance, transparency and exclusivity will be the best possible initial starting point for a long-term and successful partner- and relationship.

Everything we do has to be perfect; this is what we stake our reputation on.

privatim (Latin): individual, in private, personal, familial, confidential, from individual to individual

Life Demands Perfection.

We are a company of high integrity, scale and reach. Since 1993, our experts have been providing security advice to individuals, groups, corporate clients and family offices around the world.

Everything we do in identifying risks, protection strategies, operational security or background checks has to be perfect. This is what we stake our reputation on, because Life Demands Perfection.