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Corporate Security

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With our Corporate Solutions we offer Premium Services also for Corporate Clients and focus on Exclusive and Customized Services.

Our service portfolio fro SME´s and large corporations at a glance, from A to Z:

  • Anti Product Counterfeiting
  • Background Checks Companies
  • Background Checks Individuals
  • Board Member Protection
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Partner Compliance Checks
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Corporate Security Recruitment Solutions
  • Crawler – Technology based Online Risik Monitoring
  • Crisis Management and Crisis Response
  • Cyber Crime & Cyber Security
  • E-Learning & Online Training Solutions
  • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
  • Executive Protection, Bodyguard
  • Forensics
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Kidnap & Ransom Consulting and Response
  • Know-how-Protection and IP Protection
  • M&A Investigative Due Diligence
  • Open Source (Risk) Intelligence, OSINT & OSRINT
  • Pre-Employment Screening and Candidate Background Checks
  • Risk Assessments and Risk Management
  • Security Awareness and Security Training
  • Security Surveys and Audits
  • SME Security Concepts and Strategies
  • Travel Security Management and Expat Security

Please visit also our Executive Protection homepage www.personenschutz.pro or our Pre-Employment Screening homepage www.pre-employment-checks.com


Cyber Security

Cyber Security is basically concerned with all forms and aspects of security in information and communication technology.

It is essential that this is not only reduced to Internet security or online security, but also includes a holistic approach.

The field of action or the scope of conventional classic IT security thus extends to the entire cyber space, which encompasses all information technology connected to the Internet and comparable networks and includes communication channels, application solutions, processes and processed information based on these.

The term cyber space initially sounds very abstract, far away, intangible and initially exclusively digital. However, in corresponding Cyber protection concepts and Cyber emergency plans also the entire organization and thus ultimately also the employees must be integrated.

Only a holistic view offers professional protection against cyber attacks.

With our approved and tested solutions and comprehensive network of experts, we protect your company in the best possible way against cyber attacks and thus against possible cyber damage.


Executive Board Security & Executive Board Protection

Do you know what personal and confidential information about your board members, shareholders or management and their family members is available on the Internet?

How are they discussed in blogs, forums and other online media?

Is their name or photos misused on social networks and online media?

Our OSRINT® – Open Source Risk Intelligence is one of the most innovative methods to identify risky and unwanted content in public sources.

We use the latest crawler and monitoring technologies and support our risk analysts automatically, daily and around the clock, in tracking down and monitoring Internet and Deep Web content that could also be misused by criminals or used for criminal acts.

We remove critical and risky content from the Internet for you, displace it when ranking in search engines or keep special content for you under constant observation. In this context, it is important to identify unwanted content promptly after publication in order to take appropriate countermeasures at an early stage.  In this way, we best protect the most personal interests such as reputation, identity, privacy, assets and family members.


Pre-Employment Checks & Pre-Employment Screenings

Verify the key data and qualifications of your future employees.

The hiring process of new employees can be a real challenge. Are you wondering whether your applicants really have the qualifications, expertise and experience they claim to have?

It is critical enough if someone “optimizes” their CV. However, it becomes problematic when criminals and competitors want to sneak into your company or you end up hiring incompetent applicants.

We can minimize this risk for you.

Privatimus verifies the details of your candidates for you and thus ensures that you do not experience any unwanted surprises in the end. In this context, it is extremely important that the candidates’ privacy and data protection rights are not violated at any time during the review process. The persons to be reviewed must therefore also be informed of the review measures and agree to them in writing in advance.

All order-related information and data of our customers, their applicants and future employees are treated absolutely confidentially. All customer- and project-related details are securely managed exclusively in Hamburg.


Travel Security Management, Travel Risk Management, Employer Duty of Care

We support our corporate clients within the scope of a holistic and practice-proven travel security management / travel risk management. In this context, we work closely with our national and international partners in the areas of Security Assistance & Medical Assistance, e-Learning & Online Training as well as Traveler Tracking and Travel Risk & Security Intelligence. With our know-how, we support the creation and review of travel security guidelines, travel security processes and travel security training courses. For KMU´s from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg), we also offer a Travel Risk Manager Outsourcing solution that does not affect the headcount in the company and also offers all freedoms and possibilities in an absolutely cost-transparent manner. With our lean solution approach, we offer you the opportunity to approach the duty of care as closely as possible and to meet the legal obligation without having to set up your own in-house structures: “Travel security management with a sense of proportion”.

Books from our Travel Risk Experts:

HANDBUCH REISESICHERHEIT; www.handbuch-reisesicherheit.de

TRAVEL SECURITY HANDBOOK; www.travel-security-handbook.com


Secure File Sharing Portal

We utilize our Privatimus Secure File Sharing Portal in order to share confidential documents and reports with our clients. This portal is hosted on an extra secured data server and it has an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate. All Up- and Downloads of documents are encrypted by AES 128-bit. In addition all documents and files are encrypted with AES 256-bit.

Life Demands Perfection.

We are a company of high integrity, scale and reach. Since 1993, our experts have been providing security advice to individuals, groups, corporate clients and family offices around the world.

Everything we do in identifying risks, protection strategies, operational security or background checks has to be perfect. This is what we stake our reputation on, because Life Demands Perfection.