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No matter how big or small your company is, it is inevitable that you will eventually need to worry about security. Website Security, Physical Security, Email Security, Network security are just some of the items in the typical business that are insecure in the modern world. While you might think it is easy to be secure be it online or offline security consultants will provide an impartial second viewpoint on your businesses security, often providing recommendations and details of what needs to be changed.

Security firms will often do “free” audits to help identify issues on the surface in order just to show that no matter how secure you think you are, there are still ways you can and most importantly should improve on. For example, does your building use the latest door control system? Is your computer software up-to date? Do you rotate your passwords? Is your anti-virus suite up-to date? If you answered “no” to any of those four simple questions, a security expert could easily identify holes and most likely gather data that you would have thought was behind closed doors.

If you’re a business that stores client data on any level, addresses, emails, banking details or anything similar you are liable if those details are lost in your possession and for whatever reason your client loses money for your security flaws. Most companies prefer not to take the risk and rather hire security managers to protect both their physical and virtual property in order to protect themselves from security breaches.

Outsources security advisors are the best bet for small businesses, often cheaper than the competition and still making up for it with a vast range of certification’s and ISO’s they can provide you with ad-hoc security advice when your business needs it. They can advise on best-practices, secure data storage & deletion, preventive methods, anti-virus recommendations and much more. They provide a great impartial view for a very affordable price.

In a world in which malicious people can enter your network from thousands of miles away it is crucial that you minimize your risk to fraud, data loss, stolen data and in rare cases corporate espionage. Businesses spend more money on security than ever before. With viruses such as cryptolocker taking businesses offline if they don’t have proper protection or backups.

The world is changing to be a much more dangerous place for businesses, are your security methods and policies changing also?