Security Awareness for Rich Families, Celebrities and VIPs


Now, being aware of one’s security and safety is always a very good thing. There are many things that need protection, and, personal safety aside, most of those are either at work or at home. Almost all of us will keep valuables they have in a safe place, and, normally, the safest place we can think of, is home.

Naturally, that makes the homes of rich Families, Celebrities or VIPs prime targets for robbers. That isn’t to say that keeping things at home or feeling safe in one’s own home is a bad thing, however, it does mean that special security awareness is necessary. This can mean a variety of things, and people deal with it very differently.

Some people choose to not do anything besides possibly lock their front doors, but those aren’t the ones that we should use as an example. As far as VIPs and rich families go, there are certain ‘standards’ that are pretty much expected when it comes to security-cameras, a burglar alarm, locks on windows, doors and gates and alarmed dog doors.

Locked safes and secured display cases and paintings are the next step-they are relatively common too. For some though, their preferred solution for security is to hire human security. This has its upsides and downsides as well of course. As far as security awareness for rich families goes, hiring human security guards makes the protection flexible-a camera can do nothing but record and a lock holds a door closed-a human can react to situations, set priorities and move around freely.

There is, however, also the risk of deceit. A camera will hardly accept a bribe to let in robbers, however a human could, potentially, be paid off and end up helping to disable the standard security measures in place, thereby exposing the home entirely. Of course, while this risk can be minimized by hiring well-accredit and vouched for personnel, it’s not something that’s an issue at all within automated systems, which are, in general, entirely tamper proof.

They are kept this way in the same way CCTV is-the system is on it’s own, isolated, at most updated to be aware of new threats or security protocols. That makes a system far less vulnerable to outside threats like hacking or outside access.

Celebrities and VIPs are therefore generally best off using both human and machine security-ideally separate from each other. Hiring guards for personal security is well and good, not giving them the master code to disable the security system or safe combinations is better.